PerfectMail Anti-Spam

01:52 am UTC, Mon September 9, 2019

I have worked in Technical Consulting and Software Development since 1988, focusing on Business Systems and IT Infrastructure. My experience spans a wide range of IT related areas. Working as a technical consultant has been at times a very busy, hectic, but also a very rewarding experience.  In fact, there is very little from a computing systems standpoint that I haven't had the opportunity to work with; which generally leads to a ridiculously large or insufficiently detailed resume. Such is benefit of the life of a technical consultant.

My current activities are focused on software development and the PerfectMail Anti-Spam project in particular. We started looking at the problem of spam in the late 90's and created Version 0 of the product. Since then we have made some significant technical progress. As an IT professional I can say I'm quite proud of some of the techniques we have pioneered.

I am particularly proud of the anti-obfuscating text search engine that I designed and the OCR-based spam identification algorithm which I believe is still unique in the anti-spam industry. At the height of the popularity of Image Spam we had a successful hit rate of 95% with 0% false positives. At one point the surest way to stop images spam is to either discard messages containing images from unknown senders or to simply not display such images. Well, I can do a bit better than that. :-)

Our latest project is the Instant.Pub document provisioning system. This system creates Document Bundles consisting of secured PDF Files along with additional associated files. Our hope is to leverlage Instant.Pub as a next step to document/content provisioning. For more information visit the Instant.Pub website.

I started working with the Internet in 1988 and started web development in 1992 with the original NCSA web browser. I am still building websites on a casual basis. A large portion of the PerfectMail product involves web programming with PHP. I find web development quite satisfying in comparison to C programming, which while much more interesting from a technical aspect usually results in very interesting things that nobody actually sees. For website development I leverage phpSQLiteCMS as a simple and lightweight content management system (CMS).